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Lesson #6

Example HTML Code
<title>Page Title</title>



That's right. The sample code is nuttin' but question marks.

After you start to learn HTML there comes upon one, sneaking up quietly, the question:

"What the heck kind of content do I want to put on my webpage(s) anyway?"

Even with the few tags and attributes that have already been presented, you have enough to start making a webpage -- or webpages. Admittedly we haven't covered such wonderful things as font coloring, background images, tables, lists, and other such goodies. But you do have what is known as quant. suf. (quantity sufficient) -- just enough to get the job done.

Fact is all of the gimmicks, gadgets, and HTML tags in the world will do you not one bit of good if you don't have content to post. Why worry about whether to use a dark background with light text or light background with dark text when you haven't a clue what text you wish to put up anyway.

So your next area of growth in this little adventure called "HTML" is to determine what, if any, content you are aiming to put up.

If the answer is none, then maybe you can save yourself the trouble of reading the next umpteen lessons. Or if the answer is something definite, then maybe you can use the necessities of that content to drive your exploration of the remaining zillion possibilities. It can become a touchstone to guide you through the options that follow.

Why the need for a touchstone?

It is harder, if not impossible, to study HTML in the abstract. Unless the code is made practical there is nothing to tie the learning to. It is rather similar to learning guitar chords. One can study the hundreds of chords. But until you start playing actual songs it's hard to know which chords from the hundred (or thousands) are necessary -- and, which ones you can do without. Of course the answer in the case of music depends much on the type of music you choose to play. Country, R&B, Blue, Jazz, Folk, etc. -- each uses a basis set of chords and chord combinations that may be a little different than the others. So rather than spending all your time studying diminished 9th minor chords find out what you intend to do. If it's country then you will be wasting your time. You won't need them diminished 9th minor thingies. In fact if you ain't playin' jazz you won't need 'em -- period.

So enough with the analogy already. The point is simple. It's about time you started addressing the question of content. If you already have a strong idea of the content you intend to post you are done with this little assignment. If you don't have a clue then now is the time to get down to brass-plated tacks and figure it out.

If by some strange quirk of fate you don't have any content you are personally driven to post, heck-darn maybe you'd like to volunteer to post content for friends, relatives, seniors, or even Newbie dot Org. You don't have to have personal content to post -- just content.