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Lesson #7

Example HTML Code
<title>Page Title</title>
<body bgcolor="#000000" text="#ffffff" link="#004000" vlink="#44aaff" alink="#ff00ff"#>


This is the special hex code used to tell the browser what color of background to use. If you prefer to use words instead of weirdo hex numbers go ahead. For the moment we are teaching the raw format. This ultimately give you more choices and probably works in more browsers.

So should you be looking for a mnemonic try (b)ack (g)round color.

This color is used for the standard text. Such as the stuff you are reading right now. Which although may be extrodinary in many ways is quite ordinary as far as the browsing software is concerned and hence is colored using the text="#xxxxxx" code.

Link is the color of unvisited as yet never before seen hypertext links. Well, maybe not completely never before seen. Just never seen as far as your browser. When the history record of a hypertext link expires the browsers removes the "I've seen this before" mark and the link reverts to this color.

vLink is the (v)isited Link color. This means that not only have you been to this page, you have been to this page in recent history.

aLink is the (a)ctivation Link color. This defines the momentary flash of color that you see when you click on a hypertext link.

Below we have a form that you may use to experiment with various combinations of colors for these attributes. Have fun.

Example HTML Code
<title>Page Title</title>

You may use the handy form above to experiment with varying values for the text, link and other colors.

Here's the steps to use in testing:

1) Enter the combination of attribute values that you would like to test.

2)Press the button labeled "Test your values".

3)After looking over the results use the browser "Back" button or the vLink or aLink to return here.

BTW: If you find an interesting combination don't hesitate to write it down on the back of an envelop so that you can lose it and then kick yourself in the rear-end as you try without success to duplicate the settings. Okay, so maybe that isn't such a good idea. Maybe you should do something sensible like keeping a webmasters journal in which you make note of fun stuff like good color combinations. Believe it, good color combinations are not easy to find.